Akanisi was born on 11 November 1964 at Mal'ia Rotuma. She was educated firstly at Paptea Primary School, Malhala Primary School, then Malhaha High School. In the year ???? she went to Fiji and attended boarding school at Balantyne Memorial School at Delainavesi.

<Aggie please give me more information about your early life so that I can include it here, e.g. What year did you leave school and what did you do after that>

Aggie is married to Maloni and they have four children.

Rosie is the eldest, she was born on 29 April 1990 at ?. Rosie is currently attending Adi Cakobau School in Sawani, Nausori. She is in the third form and her subjects are Accounting, Computer ????. She hopes to follow a career in ? when she leaves school.

Lepmaru was born on 1 November 1994 at ?. Lepmaru attends ? Dilkusha Boy's School where he is in the ? Form

Marama was born on 7 March 1996 at ?. Marama attend Dilkusha Girls School where she is in the ? form.

Jesse was born on 19 February 2001 and will be starting school in the coming year (1995)

Note to Aggie and Maloni - Please give me more information about yourselves and about the children - also if the children would like to write something we will include it Any information will be welcome

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