Alisi was born on ????? at ???????. <We need some information here about Alisi's younger life. School what she did as a young girl, when did she get married. Date of Va'faou's death etc)

Alisi married Vafo'ou who was from Losa, Rotuma. Vafo'ou and Alisi settled in Nasinu where they bought a home. Vafa'ou was a driver with ???????. It was a very sad day for us all when he passed away on ????? of a heart attack (is this correct).

Alisi and Vafo'ou have four children.

Jio is the eldest and he was born on ??? at ???. Jio was educated at Annesley Methodist School, Dudley High School, Nadi College and left school after completing form 7. After leaving school Jio worked as a barman at the Westgate Hotel, then at Sonaisali Island resort. He met and married his wife ????? who is from ??????. Jio is currently living in Suva and is working ???????.

Jiurie ????????

Jione was born on ??? at ???. Jione was educated at ??? and left school after completing ?????. After leaving school Jione decided to join the Fiji Police Force and is attached to the Forensic Department. Jione met and married Josephine on ????? at ?????. Josephine is from ????? village in Rotuma.

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