Josephine currently works for Tower Insurance as a ?????. She is also taking up part time further studies in ???????. She is also to be commended for her initiative and resourcefulness. Jione and Josephine live in Nausori and I understand that Jione (this is my land) has been accepted by the Rewan's of Lomanikoro as one of their own.

Chris was born on ????? in ???????. He attended ?????? school where he attained ???????? level. After leaving School Chris ?????. He is now a Boarding Officer with ??????? and as part of his job he is required to ????????. His intention in the long term is to become a Pilot with a commercial airline and he is saving hard to accumulate the funds required to attend Flying School. We wish him all the best in his endeavours and may God take care of and bless him as he strives to achieve his goal.

Note to Alisi and family - Please provide any further information and photos that you can.



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