Bogi was born in Noa'tau Rotuma on 24 July 1961.

He was educated firstly at Paptea Primary School, Malhaha High School then went to Fiji to attend Lelean Memorial School where he achieved, what year???????????????.

He moved to Nadi in the year ? and after some time met his wife Sala and they got married in Nadi on ?.

Bogi and Sala have three children:-
Varea who was born in ? on ?. Varea is currently attending school at ? and is in the ? form. His ambition is to ?.

Vanessa is the only daughter and she was born on ? at ?. Vanessa is currently attending Natabua High School in Lautoka.

The youngest is Caeser who was born on ? at ?. Caeser is attending the Airport School.

Bogi is currently working with the Government Supplies base in Navakai, Nadi and Sala is a purser with Air Pacific.

Note to Bogi and Sala - Please fill in the gaps and give us more information about yourselves and what the kids are doing. If any one of them has done anything special - I know that the family be interested. Also any photos you might want to share.