It is with consderable happiness and joy that after some months of research we were able to get into contact with our close relatives in the Torres Straits. We are in active communication with them and will be updating this page regularly with news of our long lost relatives.

Our research started in the month of March 2004 and after a great deal of effort, assisted considerably by valuable assistance received from a young Rotuman lady Makareta Mua, who is currently doing her Master's degree at the University of the South Pacific, we were finally able to make contact with Lency Pedro

Lency is a direct descendant of Raki in the same was as we of the Marseu family are.

Lency is currently researching her branch of the family going back to Raki and will keep us up to date with her progress. From the information gathered so far we now know that Raki (our great grandfather) was originally married to Alisi who was from Erub. Our grandfather Aisea together with two brothers resulted from this union. After our grandfather returned to Rotuma, his mother died and Raki married the widow of a gentleman called Sam Motlop from the Torres Straits. They had five more children the eldest of whom was Tubau. Lency descends from Tubau.

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Our apologies to Lency for the rough nature of the Family Tree but we will improve on it. We will insert names instead of son 1 etc when we receive the information. Please bear with us.

We look forward with considerable anticipation to receivng further information from our new found relatives and God willing we will all be able to meet someday for a joyous family reunion

May Almighty God's blessings be showered in abundance upon our family in the Torres Straits Group of Islands


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