Faserue was born in ? Rotuma. <Here we need to add information about Faserua's early life>

Faseue married Fakrau Lagi in the year ??? at Rotuma. Reverend Lagi was a minister of the Methodist Church but he died tragically at the young age of ???.

They have three sons

Vamarasi was born on ??? in ????. He was educated up to the ??? Form at ???? School. In the years ??? to ???? Vama travelled overseas to ???? working as a ?????. Vama is currently in the final stages of completing a certificate course in ???? with the Fiji Institute of ?????. His intention is to ultimately travel overseas once he has attained his qualification. Vama is also undertaking an introductory course in computers at ?????. He is to be commended for his determination and vision.

Tupou was born on ???? in ???. He was educated up to the ??? Form at ???? School. He left School in the year ????? and ?????. He joined the Fiji Police Force in ?????? and is currently stationed in ?????. Tupou married Rosie on ??????. Rosie is from ???? village in Rotuma. ???? currently works as a ???? with ?????. She is also studying ????? part time and hopes to qualify in ?????.

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