Jioje was born in the year ????? at ????. He was educated at Paptea Primary School and Malhaha High School. He went to Suva in the year????. He worked in Suva, where ?????? He was married to Tiu Vakmotoa of Sauhata and had two boys, Visoni and Ortega. Jioje and his wife separated then Jioje left Rotuma vowing that he would never return. Whilst in Fiji, he was approached by ???? requesting Jioje to return to Mal'ia. Jioje returned to Mal'ia where he lived by himself. Jioje later married Lily from Lopta. Jioje and Lily had a son named????? He was born on ???? at ???? There's so much more untold stories and we need more information on this.?????

Visoni was born on 28 October 1982 at ????. He was educated at???? then ??????? and later?????. Visone is now working at Carpenters in Suva and also doing part time study with the Fiji Institute of Technology, in Electrical Engineering and Automobile Engineering. Visoni's main aim is to work hard, save some money then attend an aviation school. This is Visoni's ambition. Visoni is married and has a son, named ?? and was born on????????. Visoni's wife's name is???????? and from the village of ????????

Ortega was born on 19 September 1986 in ???? Ortega attended Paptea Primary School then later ?????????

Visoni can you fill in the gaps and let me know also tell me more about you, your father and your family.

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