Taumero Marseu was born on 08th June 1958 in Paptea Rotuma. She was the the 10th born in the family of 12 and was educated at the Paptea Primary School and later at Malhaha High School.

She left Rotuma at the age of <??> to bring her grandmother ma'piag Meseini to Fiji. They stayed with Olivia (Sister) in Nadi for a period and then moved to Semantafa (Sister) and her husband Pita who at that time were working for the then Hyatt Regency now called Warwick Hotel in Korolevu.

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She met her husband Carlo Gabi at <??> in the year <??> and they married in Australia in <??>.

Carlo is an accomplished writer and has written a number of stories. Click here for a sample of a recent story

They currently live in Lowood, Brisbane

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This picture was taken in August 2003